Zebh Carr

Zebh started in the hospitality industry in the dish pit of a local restaurant in his hometown of New Plymouth. He has since worked his way through the kitchen to become the business owner he is today. Along the way, he’s had the invaluable opportunity to work underneath some of the worlds most talented and reputable chefs from right here in New Zealand (Harbourside Seafood & Grill) all the way to Canada and others in between. 

He spent 6 years overseas working out of kitchens in some of the best fed cities (London under Peter Gordon, Vancouver under Rob Feenie and eventually staging with Ben Shewry in Melbourne)

2013 would see Zebh move back to Auckland City. Where he was the Head Chef at The Apothecary Eatery for the next three years, then two years in the same role at Grangers in Half Moon Bay. 

During these first years in Auckland he started a part time catering company, the tiny company started as a few sporadic side jobs, eventually gaining traction and growing into a sustainable business. 

In 2016, Zebh became fully self employed as co-director of a boutique catering company; Taste Catering, which has since grown to accommodate five full time staff members. 

Tony Walker

Tony started in the industry in 2006 as a casual kitchen hand. From here he moved on to pick up an apprenticeship in culinary arts and started his work as a chef. 

Over his career of 12 years, he has moved his way through junior roles before challenging himself in higher positions such as head chef of a brewery, cafe, and leading catering trucks in the film industry. He is now the co-director of Taste Catering and

Having experience in multiple fields across the industry, Tony is a capable all-rounder, continuously striving to deliver the best for his customers, no matter the conditions